Ever more often we have been asked to advice and assist companies using an agile software development technique. Thus performing as scrum master or project manager. Agile coaching though is so much more…

Agile coaching consists in giving advice within the framework of agile software development techniques. This can take place in the initial stages of the development of a software project: “What agile development technique would be best for us to implement to start this project?” The coaching can also be very effective later during the execution phase of a project. Questions as “Do we apply this technique correctly?” or “How could we perform even better?” or “Is the applied technique indeed the best choice in the framework of this project?”

In the nineties the development of software used to follow a strict schedule, derived from a planning procedure known since the 17th century to boatbuilders in Holland. The most classical example can be found in the staged planning of building a house.

With regards to developing software this approach that consisted in drafting subsequent plans with strict timelines (generally referred to as the ‘waterfall model’), did not lead to big successes. Admittedly, in the early days software was still fairly easy on a conceptual level to understand, develop and implement. However, due to the persistent augmentation of complexity and the constant improvement of hardware performance, all has evolved very rapidly. After a few years, it was known that once engineers would actually start to build the software according to the plans that had previously been drafted, the plans would already have been outdated. As a consequence, other solutions have been looked for to develop software on a large scale. Generally speaking these new techniques have been called ‘agile’. Within the group of agile software development techniques the following are mostly known to developers: scrum, DevOps, DSDM, XP, Crystal, Six Sigma, Kanban, Lean, Universal Procedure, Agile Modeling, …

As a company we have over 20 years of experience in creating software solutions and giving firm advice to our customers that are themselves software designers.

Companies get bigger, their software solutions too. As a consequence, the building of one particular project cannot be seen anymore as creating software on an island. Scaling techniques such as SAFe, LeSS, Nexus and Togaf provide possible solutions to meet with the challenges of today.

All this adds up to become a discipline of its own: Coaching your business in using the best agile software development technique to suit the needs of your project within the framework of your business.

Feel free to contact us without any strings attached should you have any questions with regards to the domain of agile software development. You’ll be surprised how much a detail within the field of agile coaching can make a difference.