Company History

CONSUI ltd is a Cambridge based company specialized in developing tailor-made software, this since the year 2000. In the beginning we have been developing software based on a mere oral description of the requirements, but very soon we have adopted techniques of functional and technical analysis according to the waterfall system.

During our software developing activities the market has grown to adopt more flexible developing methodologies, such as DSDM.

As a consequence, we have received from our clients many orders to not only guide them with regards to technical aspects of software development but also to introduce and implement modern agile software development techniques. Our company has all the qualifications and expertise to perform as a scrum master and DevOps coach.

Our experience makes us the ideal partner for your company with regards to agile methodologies.

Our mission

It is our clear mission to perform tasks in the field of agile coaching, not as a theorist, but with a real focus on what happens on the work floor. We have the experience of a programmer and a developer, but are also software architects and take this expertise to the level of an agile coach. Our expertise stretches over a period of 20 years and we are happy to share this with our international clients.

Our clients

Some of our clients are among the largest companies in Europe : Total Refineries and Chemicals, Dutch Ministry for infrastructure, Dow Chemicals, Amsterdam Trade bank, the German post office, Xerox, the Generale bank company, Vodafone, Gtech Monaco.

Consui is a company with a proven track record and a solid reputation for being flexible and reliable.


CONSUI is proud to announce that all engineers are certified in most of the agile software development techniques mentioned on these webpages.